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All service suppliers you choose to work with are members of the GAT Caraïbes association or certified partners. In this way, you have the certitude of receiving a high quality service.


Your personal information is protected by the code of practice which governs websites and ensures the security of your data. You will have permanent access to your information via your on-line account.


Before confirmation, we will display a list of service suppliers who match your inquiry and whom you will be able to compare and select according to your own criteria. This represents our commitment to transparency and a high level of freedom. Your personal information will never be divulged or sold to third parties.


Save time by filling out just one inquiry form which will then be circulated to all the service suppliers. Our members have signed an agreement which ensures a response to your inquiry within 72 hours.


After having used our service, you are welcome to give your opinion. Your comments are not published on the site so as to avoid fake reviews. They will, however, be used as an internal tool for on-going improvements and quality follow-up of our members.

Efficient energy

If you choose this option, we will advise you on a solution to reduce the impact of energy consumption on the environment.