The European Union

In partnership with the European Economic Development Fund, the European Union supports company investments in order to create sustainable jobs.
The development of regional sector clusters is one of the priorities undertaken on a European scale.

Martinique Region

The Regional Council of Martinique facilitates access to European funds through their Europe Service and promotes the development of sectors on a local scale.

Martinique’s Major Sea Port

The « Grand Port Maritime de la Martinique » is a strategic infrastructure for the transport sector and for Martinique’s economy. It supports any initiative whose objective is to revitalise and develop sea transport routes.


« SAMAC » is the operating company of Martinique’s international airport Aimé Césaire. The airport is a strategic infrastructure for the transport sector and for Martinique’s economy. The SAMAC plays an integral part in GAT and its objective is to revitalise and develop air transport routes.

ADEME Martinique

ADEME Martinique (an environmental agency for energy control) which initiates actions and accompanies all those who are concerned by environmental challenges. The transport sector is a major priority for Martinique.

MEDEF Martinique

Martinique’s first company network « MEDEF Martinique » supports and accompanies developing sectors. It provides contact points and marketing and support services for Martinican transport companies and the GAT.


The Association for the Promotion of Martinique’s Industry (« AMPI ») is a major partner of the transport industry. It works towards finding solutions to generate its own development.

Foreign Trade Consultants Martinique

Foreign trade consultants play an important part in the development of French firms overseas. Finding solutions which facilitate and develop relations in the Caribbean contributes fully to achieving the organisation’s mission.